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Please feel free to inquire about services, packages, and pricing >> I would love to provide you with more information. Also, feel free to just drop me a line and say 'Hi' - I love getting e-mails from people who like my work (or those who just want to talk about any of the following : dogs, your favorite taco joint, how great naps are, or where I should travel to next)

I look forward to hearing from you!


Lake Geneva, WI (Ice Castles) >> Late January
Chicago, IL >> Late March
Seattle, WA (Tulip Festival) >> Early April
Las Vegas, NV >> Late June
Verona, WI (Sunflower Field) >> Late July
Mt Rainier, WA (Wildflowers) >> Mid August
Costa Rica >> Late September
Puerto Rico >> Early November

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Spring Minis (Stockton, IL) >> Early March
Mommy + Me (Galena, IL) >> Late April
Daffodil Fields (Stockton, IL) >> Late April / Early May
Galena Golden Hour >> Late May
Urban Minis (Galena or Dubuque) >> Early June
Family Farm (Massbach,IL) >> July

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